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We are a restaurant where visitors can enjoy a multiple course dinner produced with mostly local products, eliminating the food chain. 

As we believe in a full on dining experience we turn the Gashouder into a 360 degree videomapped walhalla and add more show elements to entertain our guests like atmospheric music performed live in a setting that completely transforms with each course.

We produce easy listening vibes to complement dinner, ranging from live music to dj to background performances. 

A music spectrum ranging from bossa nova to jazz and ambient to soul.

A sustainable and vegetarian course at The Greanery restaurant



Welcome to the Greanery.

Here you can book your table to wine and dine with your date, friends, parents or other loved ones.

We offer a multiple course dinner, with or without wine pairing but trust us, you want to go for ‘with’. We have a limited amount of available days due to the fact that we are a pop up restaurant so have a look and make sure to book quickly.


Dining with your company, colleagues, relations, family or friends.

If you would like to make a group reservation for more than 10 people, please contact Bookx, our exclusive partner for group and company reservations. With them you can book tables with several additional options and tailor made pairings.


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The Gashouder in Amsterdam at night


For our first run we set up shop at the mesmerising Gashouder. As we’re big fans of contrasts we will turn this iconic venue into a lush green paradise that we will video map, together with the inside layout of the venue, mixing natural elements with futuristic themes, thus transforming this historic building into a vehicle for the future.



For a couple of weeks per run we create a pop up restaurant at iconic locations, venues that scream authenticity. 

During our run we show you, our customer, what good food tastes like that does not come from a large food chain and is locally produced, emission free and with a zero waste policy. It is a dining experience in unexpected territory that temporarily integrates knifes and spoons with futuristic themes such as video mapping, co2 emissions and circular waste.

After each run we evaluate and reminisce before we take our findings to set up a new and improved pop up restaurant at another iconic location. Here we use our findings to become even more circular, more energy neutral and more locally produced.

We won’t stop until we are the future, from the 0.0 version that we are now until the the 10.0 version that we strive to become in the next five years; no food chain, energy regenerative and absolutely no waste. Together with our partners we’ll continue to develop better strategies and processes that we can easily adapt to each new location and future circumstances.


The Greanery will become circular. We’ll be more specific, the first edition of our travelling pop up restaurant will have a zero waste and will be emission free.

Too ambitious you might think, or too braggy? We beg to differ and here’s why… we’ve already done it. Imagine running a restaurant on electric batteries… it’s the future and it’s doable. In order to create such a world class energy system we team up with Paul Schurink from ZAP and Green Events, two companies with a track record that includes turning one of the world’s biggest music events green and creating the first circular festival in the world. 

Together with them, we’re going to execute the following features on our way to become energy regenerative.

V2G (Vehicle to Grid), a technology with which we are now able to be fully operable by using the batteries of active electric cars.

When fully charged, the cars can not only drive on the power, they can also store energy and feed it back to private electricity grids like our restaurant. With the energy stored in charged electric cars that use that power to drive, we can now turn on the lights, videomap our green setting and cook the meals we want to serve. 

Our complete restaurant will be running on this energy. With the use of batteries as energy storage, electric cars can offer a renewable solution to our use of energy. We can literally drive our guests and cook their meal with the same power.

Electric cars charging at a charging station



From the fields of the farmer onto your plate. No food waste. Organic products only. Our menu is based on what’s available that season. And we set up an impact analysis of food.

Charger of a electric car

Emission free, green power, facilitated by electric cars for the electricity supply. We reduce energy use until there is an energy surplus and we become regenerative.

Zero waste

We draft and execute a Raw Material Plan. We draw up a Material Flow diagram. We reduce and eliminate residual waste. We become Waste Free.

A vegetarian and sustainable dish at The Greanery restaurant in Amsterdam


To consciously create awareness among the masses and change their habits regarding food production, energy consumption and food waste.



How are we going to accomplish this feat:

By creating a dining experience that is better than any other by means of a traveling pop up restaurant that has no food chain, is energy regenerative and has no waste.


  • We only work with reservations. The actual dinner starts when everybody is inside, although we can of course serve you a drink.

  • Upon entering the Gashouder, you are required to sanitize your hands.

  • After your name and reservation have been confirmed, you will be escorted to your seat.

  • Our staff wears gloves during the entire restaurant experience.

  • We don’t check your coat, all guests are allowed to leave their coat on their chair.

  • If you do prefer to check your coat, there will be separate smaller coat checks at several places in the Gashouder near your seat.

  • All tables will be round with at least 2,5 meters in between them for staff to appropriately move between the tables.

  • At each table there is 1,5 meter between each person.

  • Drinks will be served from several bars in the Gashouder, this way staff won’t run into each other.

  • There’s a one way walking route at the Gashouder.

  • At the lavatories we’ll mark the distance that each person needs to keep. All lavatories will be extra cleaned.

  • Leaving the premise will happen per table, with staff assisting.

  • We have a spacious kitchen that will be extra sanitized every hour. Our staff is required to sanitize their hands every half hour.



Klönneplein 1 
1014 DD Amsterdam

General inquiries
Pazzanistraat 33
1014 DB Amsterdam

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