Welcome to the Greanery, the first fully electricity charged restaurant experience in the world. With every course served we change our complete setting with 360° video mapping, music, acts and entertainment.

Our goal is to inspire people and companies to stop talking about becoming sustainable, and to just do it.

Food is our language, and you’re invited to the table.

At The Greanery we show our guests what a dining experience in unexpected territory means that temporarily integrates knifes and spoons with futuristic themes such as video mapping, co2 emissions and circular waste, powered by batteries charged with local wind energy.

Setting the mood

With every course, we change the setting of the complete venue. We introduce acts and entertainment and change the music vibes and videomapping, all to accompany the food that is being served at that moment. The experience literally changes with every meal!

From 1.0 to 10.0

We won’t stop until we are the future, from the 1.0 version that we are now until the the 10.0 version that we strive to become in the next few years; no food chain, energy regenerative and absolutely no waste.

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Our Location
In 2020, we launched at the iconic Gashouder at Westergas. This year, we will land at the equally fantastic adjacent Transformatorhuis. For our X-mas Special, with every course we change the complete setting of the entire venue and integrate music, lights, technology, acts and entertainment to accompany the food that is being served at that moment.
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Acces for all
Businesses pay an extra fee to enable bookings for those with smaller budgets.
Pop up
In order to minimise overhead and waste + maximise impact, we pop up where needed.
Iconic locations
Sharing a meal is a total experience. This is why we only land at iconic locations.
Are we sustainable? Yes. Are we fully circular? No. We can always do better and push the limit with every version of our restaurant through continuous learning process. The Greanery® works together closely with our partner Green Events® to calculate our footprint based on solid scientific methods.
Food is our language, but we do not stop at pop-up restaurants. To learn more, contact us
On behalf of its founders Atakan Akardere and Clayton Fredrik, The Greanery thanks you for believing in our philosophy and walking the talk together with us.

We are on a mission to create sustainable change amongst the masses and believe food is the perfect way to connect environmental, social and governmental issues. Do not hesitate to contact us.