For our X-mas Special, with every course we change the complete setting of the entire venue and integrate music, lights, technology, acts and entertainment to accompany the food that is being served at that moment.
After our delicious starters to share we begin our dining experience with the first course and cover our entire videomapped setting under a thick blanket of snow with silver crystals that shine from the front to the back of the venue. Our performer undoes her cape and like a snowflake gets lifted into the air, dancing through the winter sky.

We continue our second course where again we accompany the music and colours of the night with the food that’s being served. On our way to our third course, we turn The Greanery into a beautiful night setting with the sky colouring a nighty blue with a purple glow.
A performance on hoover boards enters and when at the center of the room, her lights spin, twirling like snowflakes coming down from the night sky.

After our fourth course and vibe change we move on to the finale and light up our videomapped sky setting with golden gleams of singing and lights. On the balcony an opera singer appears. Underwhile, a large golden dress enters the room. What comes next is something we leave in your imagination for now
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